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Understand Safari Tier Ratings & Experiences In Zambia | Why Visit Zambia For Your Safari Vacation Or Holidays In Africa



Zambia Wildlife National Parks – Luangwa, Kafue, Lower Zambezi…

South Luangwa National Park, established in 1972, is the second largest park in Zambia. Zambia’s lush Luangwa Valley and is the continents finest wildlife reserve. Lower Zambezi National Park is located on the southern end of Zambia and covers an area of 4092 square kilometers. In terms of specific on wildlife: Lion, leopard and spotted hyena are the big predators, with some unusually large prides of lion. The birdlife is rich around, 350 species have been recorded here

Zambia Waters Falls e.g. Victoria Falls in Livingstone, Ngonye Falls, Nyambwezu Falls and more..

Described by the Kololo tribe living in the area in the 1800’s as ‘Mosi-o-Tunya’ – ‘the Smoke that Thunders’ and in more modern terms as ‘the greatest known curtain of falling water’, Victoria Falls are a spectacular sight of awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur on the Zambezi River, bordering Zambia and Zimbabwe and one of the wonders of the world.

Valley, Hills & Plateau – Luangwa Zambezi Valley, Chindeni Hill, Nyika Plateau

Several deep rifts traverse the eastern and southern parts of Zambia, forming the southern end of the great East African rift system. These rifts, or troughs as geologists prefer to call them, vary in depth. The two deepest are the valleys of Lakes Tanganyika and Malawi, which, with Lake Baikal, are world’s deepest lakes. The valleys of the middle Zambezi and the Luangwa and its tributaries, the Lukusashi and Lunsemfwa, are all approximately 300m in depth.

Zambia Forests

It never fails to come as a surprise to newcomers to the region that many of the woodland trees start their growth cycle in August and September, long before the onset of the rains in November. The flush of new foliage, in spectacular shades of red, is a wonderful sight, and the evening fragrance of the Brachystegia flowers three weeks later lends an air of magic after the heat of the day.

Museums & History: Lusaka National Museum, Livingstone Museum & Shiwa Ngandu

Zambia Rivers – Fishing & River Safaris on Zambezi, Luangwa & Kafue Rivers

The Zambezi is Africa’s fourth largest river system, after the Nile, Zaire and Niger Rivers. It runs through six countries on it’s journey from central Africa to the Indian Ocean. Its unique value is that it is less developed than others in terms of human settlement and many areas along it’s banks enjoy protected status.

The Luangwa River rises in the Lilonda and Mafinga Hills in north-east Zambia at an elevation of around 1500 meters, near the border with Tanzania and Malawi, and flows in a southwesterly direction through a broad valley. About 150 kilometers from its source it has dropped to an elevation of about 690 meters and becomes a meandering river with a flood-plain several kilometres wide.

The Kafue River sustains one of the world’s great wildlife environments. It is a major tributary of the Zambezi, and of Zambia’s principal rivers, it is the most central and the most urban, and the longest (about 960 km) and largest lying wholly within the country.

Zambia Lakes – Fishing & Lake Safaris on Kariba & Lake Tanganyika

Lake Kariba is Zambia offers spectacular views, stunning sunsets, great fishing, boating opportunities, water sports or wonderful relaxing holidays or weekends just soaking up the sunshine. The weather here is mostly sunny and fine. It can get quite hot in mid summer, but even mid winter days are warm and the nights are balmy.

This vast inland sea was first made known to the European world in the mid 1800’s by the English explorers Richard Burton and John Speke. They pursued it as the source of the Nile, arriving at its shores in February of 1858, only to discover that the Ruzizi River in the north, which they thought to be the Nile, flowed into and not out of the lake.

Zambia Adventure Activities e.g. White-Water Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Quad biking, Abseiling and Gorge Swinging, Microlighting, Helicopter Gorge Flying etc

Zambia Cultural & Community Based Safaris – The Lozi Tribe’s Kuomboka Ceremony, Kawaza Cultural Village etc


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